social comes of age

Social Media really comes of age 

Well us marketers knew that social media wasn’t a fad and would be embraced by all types of industries, but this great article really confirms that social media has come of age

It also confirms what those of us with teens at home know very well, that channels and formats can have a potentially short lifespan.

Facebook is more the domain of Generation X these days, whilst Generation Y are still loving Instagram and Snapchat, the latter of which is trying to prove its business and commercial worth.

What the article correctly assesses is that whilst each Generation has its favourites, business at the highest level has acknowledged its value, importance and role and it is no longer acceptable to delegate these important channels to the intern or graduate trainee. And if the highly regulated world of pharmaceuticals is investing heavily in social you can be sure that social media in business is here to stay (but of course will evolve rapidly).