Young and healthy? Engaging young people with mental health services

Mental health is now making the headlines more than ever before.

Thanks to years of political lobbying and activism, it is finally making its way to the forefront of the national health agenda.


The impact of personalisation and the boutique model

One thing the privacy rows over Facebook’s targeted advertising algorithms taught us all was that marketing can no longer afford to be impersonal.

Literally – firms have invested thousands in so-called ‘big data’ in an attempt to find new ways to profile consumers and their reactions to different campaigns and products.


The importance of market research: part 1

Gathering data via market research is a highly recommended practice for any business.

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, understanding consumer behaviour, market trends, and your competitors, will enable you to establish or strengthen your business through fulfilling your niche.

Fitness yoga

Women in advertising: Sport England's fitness campaign

A marketing campaign (whether digital, print media or social) isn’t restricted to products and services.

Take this year’s General Election for instance - some would say it’s the biggest marketing campaign there is! It certainly involves enough PR to qualify.


Wellbeing in the workplace

Common wisdom holds that worker productivity is one of the key factors in a company’s success.

While this is obviously true, this fact can often be dangerously misinterpreted, even by highly qualified managers and business leaders.

CoorsadvertCoors advertCoors advert

Women in advertising: beloved or belittled?

The portrayal of women in advertising continues to be a contentious issue.

Just last month at the Cosmopolitan: A Celebration of Female Talent event, Kate Robertson, Global President of Havas Worldwide, openly criticised the "appalling treatment" of women in the media and advertising industries.”

TV video

Is video killing the TV star?

Who can forget the classic hit Video Killed the Radio Star created by the visionary Trevor Horn?  

Well, it would seem that in recent years, video is even more popular than ever! According to Mark Howe, managing director of agency sales at Google’s north and central Europe region, the growth in popularity of online video is on its way to revolutionising advertising.

Boutique open

The boutique marketing model

Many people associate marketing with what is presented in TV shows like Mad Men : big, internally competitive agencies focused on getting the biggest clients and profits.

Traditional forms of consultancy certainly have a place in the market – for all the scaremongering of the media, the categories of marketing such as print, broadcast and telemarketing that traditional firms work within are still wholly relevant.

Social media week

Making the social matter in marketing

More and more businesses are looking beyond traditional media in order to reach key markets.

Although it seems to have been around for an eternity, many are still failing to harness the power of social media.

nhs meadows consultancy

NHS branding: simple, but effective

The word ‘branding’ is thrown around liberally in a myriad of contexts, resulting in much confusion about the word’s actual meaning.

So what exactly is a brand?

In simple terms, a brand is a name, design or feature which enables people to distinguish a company (as well as its products and services) within the marketplace. 

over 50 s over looked

Over 50's - Over Looked! 

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the number of people aged 60 and over will double to 29 million by 2033

Age UK figures show that even now, they have spending power of over £100bn. So why does it seem that this huge consumer group is largely ignored and not considered in any shape or form a lucrative market?

social media

Tips for using social media to reach patients online

I recently came across this top-ten list of ways of connecting with patients on-line

There’s nothing new in this list for those working in pure consumer or b2b communications, but my experience of working in the NHS and healthcare sector in general, is that ways of communicating with patients is a little behind the curve. As ever it’s important to start with strategy and insight – obvious but it’s amazing how many forget this.


Demistifying Content Marketing

Oh no. Not another piece on content marketing I hear you say!

But is content marketing genuinely a new genre of marketing or an updated form of marketing which has been rebadged for the digital age? There are indeed an endless variety of so called experts writing on the topic and even national newspapers have been recently advising brands on how to avoid what it calls the hype around content marketing.


A confident approach to a successful marketing strategy

One of the challenges of marketing in a recession is the need to promote your brand, but on a much reduced budget

Whether you are a start-up or a smaller niche player, you need to be noticed and taken seriously. A marketer without a decent budget can feel they’re operating with one hand tied behind their back but rather than trying to do it all it pays to focus.

botique marketing

So just what is boutique marketing?

Boutique is the French word for shop, but used often these days to describe small, specialist, niche businesses that seek to offer a bespoke and more considered service. What better way then to describe my brand of marketing consultancy 

My aim is to provide clients with a C-level, peer-to-peer service where the emphasis is on brand and marketing strategy using my experience of running a creative business and working with numerous brands from all manner of sectors.

social comes of age

Social Media really comes of age 

Well us marketers knew that social media wasn’t a fad and would be embraced by all types of industries, but this great article really confirms that social media has come of age

It also confirms what those of us with teens at home know very well, that channels and formats can have a potentially short lifespan.

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