What is marketing?

“The purpose of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that your product or service sells itself.” - Peter Drucker

Is marketing about selling, or understanding?


Three ways of getting to know your market

When it comes to marketing, information is key.

No marketing strategy is complete without extensive prior (and ongoing) market research.


Why infographics should be a part of your content marketing strategy

According to Kissmetrics, high quality infographics are 30x more likely to be read than traditional textual articles.

While there are many types of visual content (such as presentations, videos, memes and more), infographics are usually the go-to choice for marketers when generating engagement is the primary goal.


How to create killer content your audience will love

Quite simply, content marketing is the most effective way to build credibility with your audience in the digital era.


It costs nothing to write a blog post - just time and energy - yet once a blog has gained traction after months (or years) of hard work, the return on the investment can be extremely rewarding.

Brand identity

What’s in a brand?

“Branding is meaning. The meaning of your work, of your message, and of your product.”

The advent of social media and the ability to have a direct dialogue between brand and audience has finally given us the means—and a challenge—to give brands a truly human dimension.


Community interest companies: three unique health sector case studies

Community interest companies are perhaps one of the most powerful and exciting new types of companies in the UK.

They enable socially-conscious entrepreneurs and groups to establish effective organisations which can leverage the various advantages of both charity and private organisations.


Just what is a community interest company?

In some of our previous posts, we have discussed the ways companies can engage in community-building efforts with their stakeholders in order to empower their brands.

The results speak for themselves, with community-conscious brands gaining the edge when it comes to localised branding and consumer engagement.


How to create brand loyalty with your blog

Out of all the low-cost marketing tools available to businesses in the digital era, blogging is arguably the most effective.

The global population of blog readers continues to increase, and research indicates that 92% of businesses that blogged multiple times a day managed to acquire a customer via their blog.


The secret to great visual content

In a recent study, 86% of buyers expressed a desire to access visual content on demand.

Couple this with the fact that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and it’s easy to see why stunning visuals are a popular addition to most content marketing strategies.


The latest trends in social media marketing

It’s no secret that social media has dramatically transformed the way businesses market their products and services.

Thanks to social media, businesses not only have a greater understanding of their audiences requirements - they also have an open channel of communication with their audiences to ensure those requirements are fulfilled.

Human pyramid

Human pyramids: Why your brand needs a community (Part 2)

Workplace communities very clearly benefit everyone working on a project together.

But how does this directly benefit your brand?


Towards a holistic digital marketing model

The ascendancy of digital content and engagement strategies to the marketing throne has posed a problem in recent years.

With the online realm becoming more and more vital to any and all marketing campaigns, we have also seen the rise of a new, distinct form of marketing: “digital marketing”—and with it, a trend of compartmentalisation in the marketing world.


Human pyramids: Why your firm needs a community (Part 1)

We’ve already discussed how the human concerns of social enterprises can help organisations to meet the demands of the public.

But what about the needs of those working within those organisations?


The latest trends in digital marketing

It’s no secret that the field of digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace.

If you aren’t keeping up with the latest trends, it’s likely that you're falling behind and thus damaging the exposure of your brand.


Marketing with Snapchat

For those of you that have teenagers, you will likely already be in tune with Snapchat.

For the rest of you, listen up. Snapchat, an app and platform with an average of over 200 million monthly users, has surpassed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in terms of capturing the attention of young users.


3D printed biomedicine: a model of personalised healthcare

As biomedical technology advances, and as the barriers between private and public health provision dissolve, healthcare is increasingly moving towards a more personalised model.

The one-size-fits-all approach of the past — exemplified, perhaps, in the old-fashioned NHS prescription glasses once available — is no longer relevant.

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