Why infographics should be a part of your content marketing strategy

According to Kissmetrics, high quality infographics are 30x more likely to be read than traditional textual articles.

While there are many types of visual content (such as presentations, videos, memes and more), infographics are usually the go-to choice for marketers when generating engagement is the primary goal.


How to create killer content your audience will love

Quite simply, content marketing is the most effective way to build credibility with your audience in the digital era.


It costs nothing to write a blog post - just time and energy - yet once a blog has gained traction after months (or years) of hard work, the return on the investment can be extremely rewarding.


The secret to great visual content

In a recent study, 86% of buyers expressed a desire to access visual content on demand.

Couple this with the fact that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and it’s easy to see why stunning visuals are a popular addition to most content marketing strategies.


Demistifying Content Marketing

Oh no. Not another piece on content marketing I hear you say!

But is content marketing genuinely a new genre of marketing or an updated form of marketing which has been rebadged for the digital age? There are indeed an endless variety of so called experts writing on the topic and even national newspapers have been recently advising brands on how to avoid what it calls the hype around content marketing.