How to create brand loyalty with your blog

Out of all the low-cost marketing tools available to businesses in the digital era, blogging is arguably the most effective.

The global population of blog readers continues to increase, and research indicates that 92% of businesses that blogged multiple times a day managed to acquire a customer via their blog.

In addition to the SEO benefits that blogging brings (Google’s search algorithm loves freshly updated content), a blog is a great tool for building brand loyalty.

If you want to build a sense of community around your brand, here are 3 proven methods to achieve this via your blog.

Differentiate your brand from the crowd with excellent content

In a recent article, successful entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist, Neil Patel, makes the point that not every blog post deserves to have the #1 ranking in Google. It’s hard to stomach, but sometimes you have to own up to the fact that there are other blog posts about the same subject which are simply better written and more informative than yours.

If you really want your article to gain visibility, it doesn’t just need to be good - it needs to be great. It sounds daunting, but this is actually a good thing. Once you’re able to produce a killer post which truly engages people and helps them to solve a crucial problem, you will be rewarded for it with tonnes of traffic and backlinks.

Once you gain a reputation for going the extra mile and producing exemplary content on a regular basis, you will build a strong sense of brand loyalty in the most organic way possible. Google has become very slick at differentiating between content deliberately optimised in order to underhandedly climb up the search rankings, and actual quality content.

Write with a human tone

There are several things to consider when choosing the tone of voice for your blog. Firstly, you need a tone which is appropriate for your niche. For instance, a blog for a restaurant or bar would want to adopt a much more jovial, informal tone than one for a business analytics software company. The tone must be consistent throughout all your content (both blog posts and site copy) so as not to confuse people’s perception of your brand.

In a world where transactions are often conducted from behind a computer screen, it’s important to remember that people still do business with other people, not faceless organisations. Injecting a human element into your blog copy thus really encourages people to engage with your brand. This can be achieved by imagining you are having a face to face conversation with your typical customer while writing the content. This makes your words seem infinitely more personal, instead of cold and detached. A headshot of the writer along with their Twitter details is also a welcome addition to any blog.

feedbackOpen a two-way dialogue

Another great thing about blogging is that it’s a platform which is optimised for feedback. Both positive and negative feedback enables you to create posts which are highly tailored to your audience’s desires, which increases your brand loyalty and therefore leads to more conversions. One way to encourage feedback is to allow comments on your blog, which you can then respond to in order to answer questions, interact with your audience and generally provide as much value as possible.

If comments are not appropriate (for many blogs they aren’t), social media can be used for interacting with your audience and soliciting feedback. If you’re noticing a particular type of topic (or type of content) gets more retweets and favourites than others, this information is invaluable so that you can serve your audience better in the future.

You may even wish to open a poll on your site or encourage people to contact you via email so that you can learn more about the types of topics that people want to hear about. While your competitors churn out generic content about topics they are interested in, you can differentiate yourself by going the extra mile and putting your audience first. Ultimately, the more value you provide, the more loyalty you will accumulate, and blogging is an excellent way to provide huge amounts of value for little to no costs.