Brand identity

What’s in a brand?

“Branding is meaning. The meaning of your work, of your message, and of your product.”

The advent of social media and the ability to have a direct dialogue between brand and audience has finally given us the means—and a challenge—to give brands a truly human dimension.


How to create brand loyalty with your blog

Out of all the low-cost marketing tools available to businesses in the digital era, blogging is arguably the most effective.

The global population of blog readers continues to increase, and research indicates that 92% of businesses that blogged multiple times a day managed to acquire a customer via their blog.

Human pyramid

Human pyramids: Why your brand needs a community (Part 2)

Workplace communities very clearly benefit everyone working on a project together.

But how does this directly benefit your brand?

Fifa cola

Are FIFA's sponsors staying put?

The world of power-punching sponsorship has never been as fickle as it is in the world of sport.

Unlike the music and film industry, scandal and impropriety are in no way ‘brand enhancers.’ “No publicity is bad publicity” definitely doesn’t bode well with sponsors.

nhs meadows consultancy

NHS branding: simple, but effective

The word ‘branding’ is thrown around liberally in a myriad of contexts, resulting in much confusion about the word’s actual meaning.

So what exactly is a brand?

In simple terms, a brand is a name, design or feature which enables people to distinguish a company (as well as its products and services) within the marketplace.